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Our law firm's founders, Raymundo Valdez and Carlos Monárrez, met in 2005 while they were studying law at St. Thomas University in Florida. Both grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, the children of immigrants, in a community whose U.S.-Mexican links are so inextricable, the U.S.-Mexican divide is often blurred. Its population is constituted of U.S. and Mexican citizens, legal permanent residents, undocumented immigrants, and everyone in between. They easily recognized in each other a shared interest in helping people struggling with issues that were robbing those people of their dignity and freedoms. After law school, both returned to Texas to help people in the community who are trying to make a better life for themselves — just as their own parents did.

Valdez went on to work in immigration law and civil litigation, while Monárrez served as a prosecutor in Cameron County, Texas, before opening his own practice. In 2011, they decided to join their career experiences and legal reputations to establish the Law Office of Valdez & Monárrez.

Their combined knowledge and experience in immigration law, criminal defense and civil litigation have equipped them to assist their clients in a wide variety of legal matters, with a strong commitment to guiding their clients through the legal process based on the intent of obtaining the best possible outcome for their situation. No matter what kind of legal issue you are dealing with, we are here to help.

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